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NOTE: CURRENTLY NOT AVAILABLE IN AUSTRALIA. NEW AUSTRALIAN STOCK EXPECTED BY END OF APRIL 2018. TAKE THE LONG WAY HOME - LIVE IN MONTREAL is a world class quality DVD that is a must for fans of Roger Hodgson and Supertramp. Filmed in HD with Dolby Digital 5.1 sound, the technical aspects of this DVD are superb and create the perfect platform for the voice and music that helped to define a generation. Fans have been raving about Roger's live show for years and now, for the first time, the energy and magic of those shows have been captured in a format that brings Roger to your living room. Classics from Roger's work with Supertramp and his solo career take on a new life with a 115 minute presentation that is not only remarkably close to the original recordings, but offered in an solo acoustic performance that will allow you to hear every note and every lyric as he originally wrote them. The tonal quality and strength of his voice is amazing and really shines through on this DVD. Get up close and personal with Roger in a DVD packed with over 90 minutes of bonus features. Hear what fans in Montreal had to say about this show: "The show was just great!! Your (songs) have grown up like a good wine...your voice is better than ever and listening to you playing 12 strings and piano sounds heaven to my ears. The simplicity of your performance allowed me to appreciate your songs even more." "Thanks for a very magical night. A troubadour-poet has given us a night to remember. This was the best show I have seen in years. Roger Hodgson has shown us again his talent, respect and devotion to his art." "...thank you for the great show in Montreal ...and for all the melodies you created and that touched my ears, my heart and my soul throughout the years." "It brought us back more than two decades ago with so many beautiful memories and such great music. The sound and the emotion were the same." "I'm 18 years old, and being a lover of classic tunes like Supertramp's, I was absolutely blown away by the concert. It was amazing and a night that I will think of dearly for the rest of my life." "Wow, superb show. I felt like I was in my living room with a musician friend...Intimate setting...Thanks for this great evening." "Marvelous. I couldn't take my eyes off you...and even now, some tears manage to fall when I hear Give a little bit, because of the memory they remind me. You were wonderful!" And here is an advance review of the DVD itself: "It is difficult to explain, however the DVD is so well filmed and edited that it's impossible to remain insensitive. When I saw it, I was so into it that it felt like I was really back there… in the first row with my parents and friends, and the gamut of the excitement and emotions we went thorough! It will make a wonderful souvenir to all of his fans worldwide. When I miss Roger… I will be able to listen to the DVD and it will take me back to that magical day on June 6, 2006 in Montreal where Roger put Heart, Soul, and Voice into the word Musicianship." This amazing addition to the works of Roger Hodgson is available now!The DVD comes in a choice of NTSC (all zone) and PAL (European) formats. If you were one of the fortunate ones to have seen Roger perform in recent years or if you have wanted to but never had the chance, his debut DVD is as close to his live show that you could ever hope to experience.       FAN REVIEWS I just listened to your dvd and you know, I really think that you should put a sticker on the cover saying something like: "Warning This dvd contains high emotions". By the way I was at the show that night. WOW!!! What a great night. Many thanks for that soundtrack Roger! *** Bought your DVD and it's truly sensational. Your music and songs came from your heart and touched us both. After the DVD was over, I "Googled" you and discovered you are coming to Calgary , Canada November 19th so naturally I bought two tickets. Your music has never sounded better Roger. It shows you are in a wonderful time of your life and we are very happy for you. See you in Calgary !! *** My husband and I are absolutely delighted with your DVD. Your music (and Supertramp's) has always been very important to me since my teenage years and I'm still listening to it with the same pleasure in my 40's. You give this impression of being someone with a very generous, friendly and warm personality. *** I'm sure that this new beginning will be sucessful and hope to hear new recordings soon (by the way, I really love this song on you DVD, Oh Brother - please record it). *** Just bought the DVD. It's amazing!! *** Just received the DVD from your website, what can I say totally BRILLIANT! As expected a real pleasure to see and hear you perform on your venture into visual music, hope there is more to come. Can not wait for you to come back to the U.K. Great to see you perform some of your Supertramp material and may I say your recordings since Supertramp are just as good. Great to see a true talent performing as good today as you ever was. But please now as Oliver said, can we have some more. *** The extras are fantastic. It makes the whole DVD a complete Roger Hodgson experience and a great supplement after having seen a show personally. *** Watched your new dvd !!!!!!!!!!!! WOW !! you sound fantastic !!! great show, seen you live 4 times and this was by far the best ever YOU ARE THE MAN *** This is one great dvd..i loved it all, the concert the bonus features..everything. The quality of the picture and the 5.1 sound are amazing. These songs are timeless and on the dvd they sound sooooo good... rogers voice is in great shape too..sounds just as good now as it did years ago. I'll treasure this concert forever..its fantastic. Never seen much of Roger other than in concert..he seems like a real nice guy having watched the interviews on the bonus section. *** Ok now that I've watched the DVD 5 times now I can say it's still as great as the first time I've watched it. If you haven't gotten around to see Roger in concert this is the next best thing. If your a Supertramp fan or a Roger fan this DVD has it all the best of both worlds. Rick may have kept the name of Supertramp but Roger captures the essence of Supertramp. I personally am not a huge Supertramp fan but a Roger Hodgson fan and was glad to see Roger tracks like "love is a thousand times" and "lovers in the wind" made it on the dvd. Roger plays a new track on it "oh brother". *** My favorite tracks on the dvd are "sister moonshine", "school","give a little bit" and ok ... well all the tracks are great like the concert. If you want to hear all the the Supertramp songs you grew up with in their rawest form buy htis dvd, you will be amazed how great these songs sound. Don't miss out on one of the greatest concerts you will ever see. There is only one thing bad with the DVD and the concert...it has to end, but the nice thing about the DVD is you can watch it again. *** I'd like to thank Roger for putting out this DVD, I will cherish it as the treasure it is...Hope to see you in concert again soon. *** Oh my. Be still my cynical heart. The world makes it that way but music makes it disappear for awhile…That happened again for me in a very special way tonight. I just had the pleasure of watching the Montreal DVD. Congratulations! It was beautifully done. I could see the joy and love come through, as every song was delivered as only Roger can do. No rushing. Passion and intensity mixed with that smile of his that is infectious in the best way possible. Aaron did an amazing job and was such an asset! *** Thank you for helping to make this happen for us, the ones who love the man and his music. *** Brilliant! I can tell I'm going to be watching this DVD again many times. Roger really put himself into the songs, sounded amazing, and was... well, a lot of fun! Though I wasn't at the concert, I can imagine easily that I was, and am, each time I watch this. Each song was fantastic, but the one that really stood out, for me, was "Don't Leave Me Now"... I don't think I have ever felt so taken into a song as I was with this live version. *** "Hide in Your Shell" was another favourite, and also "Easy Does It", getting the audience to whistle. (and by the way, Roger, I think you are fine at whistling, not terrible at all!) School too, this one just left me grinning ear to ear. I love it! *** Thank you, Roger, and all of those who helped make it possible, for bringing this outstanding DVD to us! *** We just wanted to drop a quick line to let you know how great your performance is on your new DVD. The picture and sound quality is outstanding as well. Thank you for releasing this wonderful piece of work. *** Just finished watching the DVD and i'm just blown away. It brought me back to when i saw him at Place-des-Arts. It was like i was there once again being part of this wonderfull experience and heart warming concert.The DVD is great , you could actually feel how the audience felt watching Roger sing. I'm never going to forget seeing him that night and the DVD will always remind me how much of an amazing and magical evening it was . Roger, keep on doing what you do, cause you're the BEST at it . You're in my heart forever ,thank you so much for making me so happy . Hope you'll be back soon, Montreal loves you..... *** Just finished watching the DVD- Amazing!!! When Mike Pinder left Moody Blues they lost the lessons-of-the-soul part of their band, I stopped buying their albums. Same story goes for Supertramp. Hayward & Lodge can still pull a very good Moody's concert out of the hat, but You were Supertramp. It is very obvious why Rick will not play YOUR music, this music is from YOUR heart and can only be brought forth by your fingers and those wonderful vocal cords. The DVD made me smile alot, sing along alot, at times gave me chills, and put me in total amazement of how two men and an audience could recreate those fabulous Supertramp/Hodgdon soul stories. Thank you for such a wonderful gift! Speaking of gifts, I'll be back to your site in a couple weeks to purchase a few more of the DVD's for Christmas gifts. I can't wait to give'em.